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Calling all Veterans!!!

 …. looking for a VA Home Loan? We’ll if you are not getting Thousands of dollars back towards your closing costs… it is costing you thousands!

Let me compare two borrowers and their loans with you:

You can have a Veteran with, let’s say, a 630 middle credit score, maybe even a Bankruptcy several years back or possibly a short sale several years back getting a new VA Loan with ZERO/NADA/NOTHING down ( $0.00 out of pocket ). Compare that to a Person with high 700s or 800 credit score, no prior Bankruptcies, or short sales, never been late on a debt, putting say 50% down. The Veteran will have a lower interest rate and less closing costs than the Person with excellent credit putting 50% down. You know what I say? Heck Yeah and rightfully so! The Veteran should have a better option.

A have conversations with Veterans all the time who are getting an interest rate for a VA Loan up to 1.5% higher than what I can obtain for them. The most financially traumatic part; they are not getting any rebates or credits towards their closing costs! In fact, in some cases they are being charged a 1% origination fee to boot! This absolutely disgusted me so that is why I am making it a mission to help Vets get into the best possible VA Loan at lower interest rates and with money back towards their closing costs.

Day in and day out I am able to deliver veterans better interest rates than the competition, typically anywhere from .25% to 1.5% lower interest rates. In addition, I have been available to give them back a credit, as much as 2.5% of the loan amount towards their closing costs. Another example: You take a $200k loan amount at 2.5% CREDIT that is $5,000 back to cover their closing costs. Plus they are saving monthly with a lower interest rate. Over the past several months a lot of Veterans who I have helped are affiliated with USAA. USAA is a phenomenal company, but when it comes to mortgage loans there are a lot better options available. In my opinion USAA relies on their global branding & their customer loyalty and therefore they don’t have to offer the huge credits back towards the veterans closing costs.

Plain and simple, If you are not receiving a low interest rate plus THOUSANDS of DOLLARS back to cover your closing costs then you are not getting the best loan. Period, end of story!

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Jeff Hoffman is a license mortgage loan officer since 2001 NMLS # 380080 President of Nationwide Residential Capital.

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